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Position 69

Position 69, also known as Soixante-neuf, is among the most famous sex positions. It is therefore no surprise that almost everyone gets a smile when hearing the number 69.

In this position, both partners satisfy each other orally at the same time while lying on top of or next to each other

How does position 69 work?

Want to discover a new position together with your bed partner? Then position 69 is a good choice to try. During this intimate position, both partners satisfy each other orally. This way, you enjoy each other at the same time.

During this position, one of the partners lies on their back while the other lies on top but turned 180 degrees. This way, both partners have the opportunity to satisfy each other.


Why is the position called 69?

The reason behind the name is that the posture of both partners during this sex position resembles the number 69.

What are the advantages of position 69?

You both enjoy yourself at the same time.
It is not strenuous. This means you can hold it for a long time without getting tired.
It is very intimate.
Can be performed lying on top of each other but also sideways.


Is position 69 for beginners?

Yes and no! This sex position is quite easy and can be performed by anyone. Staying focused on your partner while enjoying yourself is the only tricky part of this popular position.