Why Mr. Stiff?

alcohol erection

Drink too much? At Mr. Stiff, we know how difficult it can be to get a hard and long-lasting erection with too much alcohol in the blood. No worries! Fortunately, our natural products 100% safe to use with alcohol!

Stress & Erection

Stress and fatigue can greatly affect a good erection. Long hours at the office can sometimes cause a decreased libido. To keep any relationship healthy, a healthy sex life is obviously also important. So to still perform optimally in the bedroom after a long day at the office, Mr. Stiff can make just the difference with our products.

Age and Erection

Age is part of life itself and therefore nothing to be ashamed of. A less powerful erection is also part of it and can be experienced as frustrating. Where chemical devices can cause annoying side effects, Mr. Stiff 100% natural For a hard and long erection without side effects!

Enjoy more! Perhaps the best reason for using Mr. Stiff is that you can simply enjoy sex even more. With a firmer erection and an overall better sexual mood, it makes it a lot more enjoyable for both parties. Therefore, there is no need to have an erection problem to use Mr. Stiff. Try it out now with our Try-Out package where an exciting evening is guaranteed!