How does Mr. Stiff work?

Mr. Stiff utilizes a unique blend of natural herbs renowned for their libido-enhancing properties. The Mr. Stiff Libido Pills begin taking effect after 60 minutes, while the Mr. Stiff Libido Booster works within 30 minutes, both offering lasting results for several hours. For optimal effectiveness, consume the capsules on an empty stomach, and enjoy a regular meal afterwards.

What does the package look like?

Your privacy is our priority. The shipping label will identify the label as "Supplements" and will not reference "Mr. Stiff" or any other identifying description related to products designed for adults.

What name is visible on my bank statement?

We understand your desire for discretion. When using Mr. Stiff, only "Herbal Solutions" will appear on your bank statement, not Mr. Stiff.

Can Mr. Stiff be combined with alcohol?

Mr. Stiff is compatible with alcohol consumption as it doesn't contain ingredients that could interact negatively with alcohol or harm your cardiovascular system.

How is Mr. Stiff different from other erection drugs?

Unlike many other erectile dysfunction medications, Mr. Stiff utilizes an all-natural, herbal formula, without using sildenafil, which is known to cause various side effects. Mr. Stiff allows you to experience the desired effects without the potential drawbacks of synthetic ingredients.