Butter Churner

Butter churner: here's how to do this unique sex position

Are you looking for a fun way to spice up your and your partner's sex life? Well, good news, because we have discovered a fun sex position: butter churner.

This unique and original sex position offers breathtaking orgasms, for both partners! We warn you in advance: you need to be limber and slightly athletic to do it. Mr Stiff will help you get started below!

What is the butter churner position?

In butter churner, the woman (the taker) lies partly on her back and with her legs above her head. Her partner (the giver) has to sit in a crouched position and penetrate like this. A lesbian couple can also perform the butter churner position, but with a strap-on.

For this position, you need to be incredibly flexible and the partner underneath must have a pretty firm neck. But trust us: you absolutely have to try this position! It is not only horny, but also exciting.

Where does the name butter churner come from?

The penetration involved in this position resembles making butter in a butter churner, but in a very old-fashioned way. That's where the name butter churner comes from.

How do you do the butter churner position?

In this position, the taking partner has to lie on his/her back, with his/her legs bent up. In this, the ankles should be on either side of the head.

The giving partner (usually a man) should bend his knees, and squat above his partner's body. This allows him to slide his penis, or in the case of a woman, the strap-on, in and out of the taker's body.

Just make sure the giving partner goes easy on penetration and thrusting. This is the only way to avoid putting too much pressure on the taker partner's upper body.

Why you too should try the butter churner position

With butter churner, you have intimate eye contact with your partner all the time. In addition, more blood will flow to your head in this position. And do you know what that means? Extra pleasure. Check!

This position is also pretty kinky, and can make both partners extra hot. And did we tell you that this position is P E R F E C T for getting orgasms?

The benefits of butter churner

We like to repeat it one more time. The butter churner position makes women cum quickly. Very few couples have tried this position. So it really is a unique and new addition to your sex life. In this position, you can always enjoy intense eye contact.


The disadvantages of butter churner

There are many sex positions that require you to be limber or athletically built, but this one really stands out! Women can quickly get neck strain, making this position quickly tiring and painful for the partner below.

So, now you too know exactly what butter churner is, why you too should try this position and what the pros and cons of this sex position are. Have fun!