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The clitoris, everything you need to know!

The clitoris: every woman's best friend. But where is this friend hiding? What is the clitoris for, and how do you stimulate it? Everything you need to know as a woman - and certainly as a man - about this amazing female body part you will find out below.

What is the clitoris?

Among girlfriends, the clitoris - also known as 'tittler' or simply 'clit'- is sometimes described as the female form of a penis. In other words, girls' dicks. In babies with an XY chromosome (men), this organ develops into a penis, while in babies with an XX chromosome (women) it evolves into a clitoris.

Some interesting facts about the clitoris:

Like the penis, the clitoris possesses a 'foreskin' known as the clitoral hood or clitoral hood.
When highly aroused, the clitoris can become stiff and swollen.
In women, the clitoris reacts strongly to stimulation and may then increase in size.
Did you know that the clitoris contains as many as 8,000 nerve endings? This makes the clitoris actually twice as sensitive as its male counterpart: the glans. It is good to understand what the clitoris is and how best to stimulate it.

Where is the clitoris located?

Inside a woman's body, the clitoris is considerably larger than the (small) visible part protruding above the skin. Although we usually perceive only an inch or two of it from the outside, the organ inside is up to ten inches in size.

It is important to know that the very famous G-spot or G-spot is part of the clitoris, which explains why most women experience great pleasure from stimulation of this area located on the inside of the vagina.

The observable part of the clitoris is located at the top of a woman's vagina, roughly between the outer labia at the point where the inner labia meet.

What is the best way to stimulate a clitoris?

Actively stimulating the clitoris plays an important role in increasing women's pleasure during sex. For the majority of women, reaching orgasm is not possible with vaginal penetration, but rather through targeted stimulation of the clitoris and the surrounding sensitive area. This stimulation can be done, for example, with the hand, tongue or a sex toy.

About 80 per cent of women reach climax exclusively through stimulation of this 'pleasure button', separate from vaginal penetration.

It was long thought that the clitoris was only meant to make women cum. Yes, the clitoris certainly plays an essential role in this, but it also serves other purposes. In fact, scientists have recently shown that the clitoris also plays an important role in the reproductive process.

Did you know that clitoral stimulation not only promotes blood circulation in the vagina and vaginal moisturisation, but also regulates oxygen levels and temperature in the vagina?

In addition, the clitoris also optimises the position of the cervix. Also, the clitoris slows down the movement of sperm cells. All this helps to form a healthy environment for a possible pregnancy. So yes, it is true: a woman who enjoys lovemaking through clitoral stimulation increases her chances of pregnancy!

An orgasm via the clitoris

Some women like to distinguish between a vaginal orgasm (induced by stimulation of the inside of the vagina) and a clitoral orgasm (induced by purposeful stimulation of the clitoris).

But actually, a purely 'vaginal orgasm' is not quite right. Women actually experience an orgasm through stimulation of the clitoral organ, with the back of this organ, which is about ten centimetres in size, being stimulated on the inside of the body. So a vaginal orgasm is also an orgasm that happens through the clitoris.

So it is important to know that talking about two separate types of orgasms is not quite right, and that the clitoris plays an important role in each type of orgasm.

An oversensitive clitoris

The clitoris is naturally very sensitive. But did you know that its sensitivity increases even more just before and immediately after an orgasm? At those moments, direct stimulation of the clitoris can sometimes be too intense.

But despite that sensitivity, you may not want to stop completely at that (high) point. If you suffer from a hypersensitive clitoris, you can use your fingers to stimulate the area around the clitoris.

Cupping can also often serve as a suitable alternative to avoid overstimulating the clitoris. But again, the focus should not be on the clitoris alone, but rather on the whole area around it.

For some women who suffer greatly from hypersensitivity, the clitoris is simply too sensitive for direct touch. A solution may then be to choose a position where the man enters from behind. Also, only indirect stimulation, such as stroking or licking the labia, offers a suitable solution in this case.