Giving your partner an erotic massage, the best tips!

Massaging each other erotically is an enchanting way to ignite passion and intimacy in your relationship, if you can give good massages that is... To help you become a real massage pro, in this article we take you on a journey through the art of erotic massages.

This way you and your partner can explore and pamper each other's bodies in a sensual and stimulating way. Enjoy reading!


sensual massage


What are erotic massages?

An erotic massage consists of different touches and sensations, with the sensual aspect playing the leading role. The purpose of such a massage is not only to reduce physical tension, but also to arouse intimate feelings. It can positively strengthen the bond between you and your partner and put you both in the mood for more exciting moments.

The right preparation for a sensual massage

Before you start an erotic massage, it is important to create the right setting and atmosphere. Make sure the room is warm and cozy. Dim the lights and fill the room with soft, romantic music. You can also use a wonderful essential oil to make the room smell nice. Also prepare clean towels or sheets to catch some of the massage oil, because a bit of messing is part of it. 

The right choice of massage oil

Choosing the right massage oil is a difficult part of an erotic massage. Choose an oil that is suitable for sensitive skin and that has a nice scent. There are plenty of specialty erotic massage oils on the market that are designed to stimulate your senses. Also consider using heated massage oil for that extra touch of sensation.

The beginning of the massage

Before you touch your partner, first start by creating a relaxing atmosphere. Have your partner lie on his or her stomach and start with gentle caresses on the back, legs and arms. This will reduce the tension between you both and put the recipient in the right frame of mind for whatever is to come.

After the relaxation ritual, you can move on to sensual touches. Let your hands gently caress and glide over your partner's body. Don't forget to pay extra attention to the erogenous zones, such as the neck, ears, chest and inner thighs. Adjust your massage technique to your partner's reaction and preferences.

Good communication during the massage

During an erotic massage, honest communication is essential. Regularly ask your partner how he or she is feeling. Encourage your partner to express his or her wants and needs. This will make the experience even more intense and fun for both sides.

The right massage techniques

In addition to open communication, the right massage techniques are also important to keep the excitement alive. Therefore, rub your palms, use your fingertips and make circular movements. Alternate slow and sensual movements with faster, stimulating touches. Variety will build up the tension little by little.

Find the intimate places

As the massage progresses, you can focus your attention on the most intimate areas of the body, such as the chest, abdomen and thighs. Use kisses, licks and gentle bites to increase the tension. Even now it remains important to continue communicating with your partner.

Massage tips for women

Partners who want to pamper their wives with an erotic massage should know that women often need a little more time to warm up. So take the time to caress and pamper her before applying the more sensual touches. Listen carefully to her feedback and build up slowly.

Massage tips for men

Partners who want to surprise their man with a sensual massage can focus on their man's sensitive areas, such as the back, shoulders and buttocks. Use firm but varied touches to adjust the pressure and speed to your partner's preferences. Men often enjoy a more firm massage, but stay within the limits of what your man finds pleasant.

Body to body massage

A body to body massage is an even more sensual variant of an erotic massage. Both partners use their own bodies to massage each other. Spread massage oil over each other's skin and move your bodies sensually over each other. This provides an extremely intimate and exciting experience.

As the erotic massage approaches its climax, it is essential to end the massage with loving touches. You can end with a gentle back or head massage, which will make your partner feel loved.

Our final word on erotic massages

An erotic massage is a great way to rediscover the passion in your relationship and create a deeper bond with your partner. It's all about communication, sensual touches and creating the right atmosphere. Experiment with different techniques and enjoy a wonderful massage.