What is a Frenulum or Toompje?

In this article we explain what a frenulum is in both men and women. It is important to know that a frenulum is located in several places in the body. The 


Frenulum in men on the penis (frenulum)

The Frenulum praeputii penis is a thin piece of tissue that connects the glans to the penis. This thin piece of skin is the connection between the glans and the foreskin. The frenulum contains many nerve endings, making it very sensitive. An orgasm can be induced by touching or stimulating this spot. The frenulum is also called the 'frenulum' in men.


Frenulum too short

Some men experience pain during masturbation or penetration. A common cause of this is a frenulum that is too short. This limited connection prevents the foreskin from moving smoothly over the glans, which leads to pain. It can also happen that the frenulum tears after masturbation or other sexual activities, often resulting in bleeding and pain.

Fortunately, there is a solution for men with a frenulum that is too short. Having the frenulum incised and cut, this procedure is called a frenulotomy. This sounds intense, but this is a procedure that is often performed and is not very drastic. 

The doctor cleans the penis with alcohol and then gives a local anesthetic. Once the anesthesia has taken effect, the frenulum is cut.


Cut the frenulum yourself

Some claim that it is possible to cut the frenulum yourself. This is probably only possible with Mr. We strongly advise Stiff not to do this yourself. Cutting your own penis without medical background or guidance is not the best plan. Do you suffer from a frenulum that is too tight? Visit your doctor and you will be able to enjoy pain-free sex again in no time. 


Frenulum in women (frenulum clitoridis)

In women, the clitoridis frenulum is a small piece of tissue that extends from the clitoris to the inner labia. The structure is similar to the frenulum of men. The role of the clitoridis frenulum is to support the clitoris. During sex, the sensitivity of this small skin fold contributes to the pleasant feeling and a possible orgasm.


Frenulum behind the lips in the mouth

The mouth also contains a frenulum. This is the 'thread' that connects the lips to the gums. This piece of tissue can be found in both the upper lip and lower lip. This is also the place where people can suffer from a canker sore. 


Frenulum near the tongue

There is also a frenulum under the tongue. This is the 'wire' that keeps the tongue in the right place in the mouth. In people who experience difficulty eating, talking or breathing, it may be decided to cut the frenulum