Porna, what is it? We explain

Porna and Porno, what are the differences?

Porn and Porna are two terms within the erotic world that are used to describe sexual videos. Everyone knows the term 'Porn', but certainly not everyone knows 'Porn'. 


What is Porn?

In short, Porna is a softer, often female-unfriendly porn. Within Porna, more attention is paid to the emotional and sensual side of sex. Porn films often contain a more thoughtful and better story than porn. Many pornographic films contain romantic scenes such as erotic massages.


Who is porn for?

Porna is primarily aimed at those who are looking for a more female-friendly version of Porn. In general, most viewers of porn movies are women. At the same time, a lot of porn is also watched by men who are interested in porn but with better actors and a better story.