What is squirting or spraying?

Squirting is a wonderful feminine highlight. A moment when excitement knows no bounds. It is also known as injecting and is a phenomenon that is often surrounded by questions, myths and taboos. 


But what exactly is it, and is it for every woman? In this article we take you for a unique look 'behind the scenes' of squirting. From anatomy to the frequently asked question: can every woman squirt? And for those curious about this highlight, we also offer some tips. Enjoy reading!


Squirting - wet - plate


Can every woman squirt?


Squirting, also known as squirting, is a sexual topic that is often surrounded by curiosity and sometimes taboo. During squirting, fluid is released from a woman's vagina. This happens during sexual arousal, also called orgasm.


Squirting is nothing to be ashamed or shy about. It is a natural phenomenon that can occur in response to sexual stimulation. The fluid released during squirting is not urine - as some wrongly believe - but rather a clear fluid from the glands around the urethra. Every body is unique, so not every woman experiences squirting in the same way, if they experience it at all.


The answer to the question of whether every woman can squirt is not clear. Squirting is not a common phenomenon for everyone, and some women may never have experienced it. But that doesn't mean they can't squirt. 


The ability to squirt can depend on several factors, including your body, mental and emotional state, and of course, your level of arousal. Some women will find it easier to squirt by stimulating certain areas, such as the famous 'G-spot'. It is important to emphasize that the lack of squirting is absolutely not an indication of a lack of pleasure or satisfaction. Many women come without squirting.


Tips for squirting


If you're curious about squirting and would like to experience it, here are some helpful tips you can try for squirting:


  • A completely relaxed mind and body are crucial to be able to squirt or squirt. Take the time to make yourself comfortable and explore your own body without (performance) pressure.


  • Get to know your own body and discover which touches, special places and stimulation are exciting for you. Communication with your partner is also important.


  • Focus on your G-spot, located at the top of your vaginal wall. This place is often linked to squirting. So experiment with different stimulations of this zone and discover what works and what doesn't for you. Every body is different, remember?


  • Sex toys can also be important to make your body squirt. For example, there are special toys designed for G-spot stimulation.


Remember that every body is different. Not every woman can squirt (easily) and every woman enjoys it in her own way. Always communicate well with your partner and discover what is pleasant for you.