What is Vabbing?

In the unique world of TikTok, where trends come and go like the wind, a somewhat unusual trend called 'vabbing' emerged a while ago. According to enthusiastic TikTokkers, this is the ultimate way to let love hang - literally - in the air. But we have to be honest: it is a bit special. 


What does vabbing mean?

Vabbing, short for vaginal dabbing, involves women using their bodily fluids as a kind of perfume or fragrance. How do they do that? By simply inserting a finger into their vagina and then 'dabbing' the fluid onto their wrists, neck and behind the ears. In exactly the same places where you would usually apply your favorite fragrance. 



Why should you use vabbing? 

According to several women, the vaginal fluids contain pheromones. These are the magical substances that should attract partners like a 'magnet'.


Is vabbing a good idea?

While this trend has received quite a bit of attention on TikTok, it's worth viewing vabbing with a critical eye. Animals often secrete their pheromones through specific glands, but in humans this is done through the sweat glands rather than through the vagina. So, let's be clear: there is no real scientific evidence that vabbing actually works.


Nevertheless, many TikTokkers claim that trying this new trend has boosted their self-confidence a lot and made them shine in a different way. So there is no real proof that vabbing works in attracting partners, but if it helps to boost your self-confidence it is a very positive thing. So vabbing can be a very smart idea for women.


So, if you're looking for a naughty TikTok trend to try out, why not?