Collection: Natural erectile pills

The natural erection pills from Mr. Stiff is the ideal way to boost your sex life in a safe and natural way. Thousands of men in the Netherlands now use our natural erection pills, and for good reason!

Why natural erection pills?

Using traditional erection pills is not always easy or safe, as many men know. A prescription from your GP is required to obtain them.

In addition, many traditional erection pills are offered on the Internet on dubious websites. The question always remains whether you actually receive the right products or whether you are sent a cheap fake version. Many of these websites that offer erection pills without a prescription are set up in such a way that it is almost impossible to get your money back if the product does not meet expectations. We don't think this is a good thing! 

At Mr. Stiff we are bringing about a revolution. We are completely open about our products and are available 24/7 for all your questions. Do you notice that our products do not quite meet your expectations? Then you just get your money back! At Mr. Stiff, we strive to provide complete transparency in a market full of shady companies.

Who are the natural erection pills for?

The natural erection pills from Mr. Stiff are designed for men who have difficulty achieving an erection but prefer not to resort to traditional pills. Our pills consist exclusively of herbs that increase libido, making them super safe to use. So you don't have to worry about any long-term effects of using these pills.

We also focus on people who do not have a specific erectile dysfunction, but who are simply looking for an extra exciting evening. With Mr. Stiff you can count on a great evening that you will not soon forget. Our formula guarantees a top experience.


What different types of natural erection pills do we have?

At Mr. Stiff we offer two types of erection aids: the original pill and the drinkable liquid. Both have the same effect, but the method of administration differs.

What are the benefits of natural erection pills?

Let's start with the fact that Mr. erection pills Stiff is composed on a natural basis. We have only used herbs that have been used in alternative medicine for centuries to stimulate the libido of men.

Because we only use herbs, our customers do not experience the side effects that often occur with traditional erection pills. 

With us you will not find the use of the chemical 'sildenafil', which can cause both short and long term side effects. Many men experience headaches, back problems or prolonged erections due to this ingredient. This substance is also not without danger for those with heart problems. After all, it expands your blood vessels, which will lower your blood pressure slightly.


How do I use natural erection pills?

As mentioned earlier, we offer two variants of our natural erection remedies. For both, we recommend taking the pill or liquid about half an hour before sex. It is best not to do this on a full stomach as this may reduce the desired effect.


What if it doesn't work?

If you notice that the product is not working, it is not wise to immediately use another pill or liquid. Remember that our products only have an effect when you are already aroused. Mr. products Stiff does not cause sexual arousal, but only stimulates the erection.

Have you used our products and don't like them? Then we are not difficult: you can simply return them and we will refund the amount to your account.

The side effects of our erection pills

In general, Mr. products have Stiff no side effects. However, in certain situations it is unwise to use them. Before using our products, it is advisable to read the package leaflet carefully. This can be found in the packaging or available on our website.


How often can I take Mr Stiff's natural erection pills?

Regular use of our products has no adverse effects on your health. However, we would like to warn you: if you use our products consistently during any sexual activity, you run the risk of becoming dependent. This can make it difficult to achieve an erection without the use of our products.