The best ways to increase your libido

The best ways to increase your libido

The literal meaning of libido is: “The degree to which a man or woman desires sexual activity.” These activities include a number of similar names such as: lust, desire and desire. The desire for sex or intimacy varies from person to person. Not wanting to have sex for a long time is of course not a problem, but it can eventually become so. Many relationships ultimately fail because there is a difference in libido levels.

In this article you will find the most effective ways to increase your libido.

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Causes of low libido

To find a solution, it is wise to first determine the cause of the problem. If you want to increase your libido, it is necessary to look at certain factors that have a negative influence on this.

A lack of self-confidence

A lack of self-confidence can have a major influence on the extent to which a person desires sexuality. As soon as you are dissatisfied with your body, you also have less interest in sex. Insecurity within a relationship can also cause you to try to avoid sex, consciously or unconsciously. In some cases, having an unpleasant or traumatic experience in the past can lead to a lack of libido. It is wise never to go against your feelings. So don't have sex with your partner against your feelings. It is important that you discuss this topic with your partner or possibly a therapist. Talking about it is an important first step in the process of increasing your libido.


High stress levels are one of the most common barriers to sexuality and libido, in both men and women. People who have a busy work schedule may feel tired and therefore have less desire for sex. Sometimes this is temporary and then it doesn't have to be a problem. If you experience longer periods of stress combined with a low libido, it is wise to consider what the biggest causes of stress are in your daily life. Research has shown that stress and anxiety can lead to decreased libido and is one of the most common reasons for erectile dysfunction.

Performance pressure

Your mood is a big factor in your ability to become aroused. Once you're with someone you love or find sexually attractive, worrying about whether you can satisfy your partner can make it impossible for yourself to do just that. 

When you are stressed, your blood vessels will constrict and it will be difficult to impossible to get or maintain an erection. Even men who normally have a high libido will experience great difficulty becoming aroused when they are stressed. The most common causes of performance anxiety in bed are: concerns about penis length, concerns about your weight, concerns about being able to have an orgasm or concerns about whether you can satisfy your partner. 

What can I do to increase my libido?

Increase libido with supplements

Zinc and Vitamin B are both ideal as supplements to increase your libido. Zinc contributes to a good testosterone level in the blood, which increases your desire for sex. Vitamin B promotes blood flow to the genitals and intensifies the orgasm. 

Increase libido with erection pills

To increase your libido you can experiment with erection pills. Make sure you use the right pills in the right dosage. Many erection pills can have unpleasant side effects because Sildenafil is used. In Mr.'s erection pills Stiff only contains natural ingredients that increase your libido. Using erection pills to increase your libido is not a long-term solution.

Increase libido through sex 

It sounds crazy, but having sex makes you want to have sex more. Having sex can support your libido in a positive way, making you feel more like having sex in the days that follow. The same goes for sports. After a long time of not exercising, it is very difficult to get back on track. However, after you exercise you will notice that it becomes more fun and easier.

The role of exercise on libido

 In what ways can exercise and sport influence libido and how can we benefit from this knowledge? In this blog we will delve deeper into all the different ways we can naturally increase our libido with exercise. Of course, a healthy amount of exercise is essential for maintaining a healthy libido, but which types of exercise lead to the best results?

The role of strength training on libido

According to many studies, nothing is better for the libido than strength training. By providing significant resistance to the muscles and joints, many hormones are released, including testosterone. This hormone plays a crucial factor in a healthy libido. Strength training also reduces the risk of osteoporosis and nutritional deficiencies, which indirectly contributes to a healthy libido.

 This way of exercising does not only increase libido in men. According to a study by Florida Atlantic University, it turned out that during strength training women also produce a lot of testosterone and growth hormone, which ensures an increased libido and also more intense orgasms! Strength training also reduces stress, which improves sex drive. In addition, women feel more sexy and therefore more wanted, which increases their interest in sexual contact.  

The best exercises available for an increase in testosterone and therefore libido are exercises that are so-called compound movements. The characteristic of this is that several muscle groups are working simultaneously.


  1. Deadlift is the most dreaded exercise for every strength athlete because of the enormous commitment it requires. But these exercises put the entire body under tension and thus ensure maximum secretion of testosterone and growth hormone.
  2. Squat is also an exercise that works almost all the muscles in the legs and also the abdominal muscles. Do this exercise several times a week and watch your libido increase.
  3. Sprinting is another explosive movement that contracts almost all the muscles in the body. The entire central nervous system must work together with muscle contraction to ensure optimal testosterone release.

 The role of yoga on libido

 Yoga may not be the most obvious way to increase libido, but nothing could be further from the truth. According to research, participants who practiced yoga for 12 weeks had significant improvements in their sex life. Through yoga, people can gain a better connection between mind and body and therefore a better insight into their wishes and sexuality. Other insights can also lead to better communication between your partner, resulting in better sex.

In addition to awareness, yoga poses naturally help with flexibility and body control. Yoga is much about controlling the pelvic floor and breathing. Both can be used for sexual stamina and orgasm control. There are also forms of tantra yoga where one can explore sexuality in different ways.

A popular pelvic floor exercise that can strengthen the muscles around the pelvic organs such as rectum, uterus and bladder is the Kegel exercise.

A simple Kegel exercise goes as follows.


  1. Tighten the pelvic floor muscle (this is the part between the genitals and the anus) and hold for 5 seconds.
  2. Relax the pelvic floor muscle and count down for 5 seconds.
  3. Do this for 10 reps and then rest. Repeat this 3 times.

This exercise is often prescribed as a first treatment for men dealing with erectile dysfunction because it stimulates blood circulation and muscle mass in that area.

The role of cardio on libido

Cardiovascular exercises such as swimming, running and cycling can help increase libido. Aerobic exercise increases blood circulation to the genitals, which increases erectile function. Cardio also helps reduce stress and anxiety, which indirectly contributes to a good libido. Cardio causes you to lose fat around the abdomen, which can boost blood flow to the penis, resulting in better erections.


However, too much cardio can have the opposite effect. Because cardio puts the body in a catabolic state, the body will eventually burn muscles after too long cardio sessions. And it just so happens that the muscles also play a major role in libido.

Make sure that you consume slow carbohydrates such as oatmeal and a banana before a long cardio session. Immediately after a long cardio session, also consume carbohydrates and protein to keep muscle breakdown to a minimum.


 In conclusion, we can say that vigorous exercise is good for the libido in every way and that this can be achieved in many different ways. So choose a way of moving that feels good to you and suits you and move! This way you keep it fun for yourself between the sheets!

Increase libido through exercise and exercise

Swimming, running, boxing and yoga can all increase libido in both men and women. Besides the fact that you will experience more desire for sex, your stamina will also be longer and you will look better! Recommended! Please note, too much exercise can have the opposite effect. 

Increase libido with the right diet

The right diet plays a major role if you want to increase your libido. As soon as you live and eat healthily, this will promote your mental health. Good mental health has a positive effect on your sexual desire. Oysters, maca and red wine are some examples of aphrodisiac foods. 

Increase libido by drinking less alcohol

As many men know, getting an erection while drunk is quite difficult. Alcohol seriously affects the ability to get an erection.

Regularly drinking too much can cause permanent damage in addition to temporary erectile dysfunction. Alcohol affects your central nervous system, making it difficult to perceive touches and impulses. Alcohol also reduces blood flow to your penis, making it difficult to get an erection.

We hope that by reading this advice you have found the right way to increase your libido. If this is not the case, we recommend that you take a look at our webshop! 


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