Penopause - Symptoms, cause and tips

What is penopause?

Penopause is also sometimes called male menopause or andropause. Of course, everyone knows that women undergo hormonal changes as they age. It is less known that men also experience a so-called menopause. So you could see it as a man in menopause. As men get older, testosterone levels start to decrease, this is completely normal and normally does not cause any complaints. However, in approximately 12% of men, complaints arise due to a drop in testosterone and we can speak of a penopause.

Cause of penopause

The hormone testosterone is extremely important for men. 95% of the hormone is produced in the testicles and then transported through the body via the blood. Testosterone affects many things in our body such as; muscles, libido, strength of erection, blood, bones, brain and immune system. As you can see, testosterone has an influence on a lot of things. That is why there are many different complaints when a man enters penopause and has a drop in testosterone. However, the main symptoms are loss of libido, erection problems and reduced sex drive. Weight gain, fatigue and irritability also play a role in menopausal men.

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When does the penopause occur?

Penopause often develops between the ages of 40 and 70. All men experience a reduction in testosterone during this period. However, we only speak of a penopause or a man in menopause when complaints really arise as a result of a significant drop in testosterone. It is therefore advisable to have your testosterone checked from the age of 40 to 50. If it is very low, one can choose to adopt a different lifestyle to prevent further complaints and a penopause.


Tips for men in menopause

When a man enters penopause, there are various testosterone treatments. However, this is not healthy and ensures that the body itself no longer produces testosterone. The most important thing you can do and have under your own control is a healthy lifestyle. So exercise more, eat healthy, go to bed on time, reduce stress and avoid nicotine and alcohol. In addition, our products from Mr. Help Stiff with loss of libido. Our ingredients are completely natural and can therefore be used without risks. As soon as the libido is supported, more energy is released for the man, which can be used to support a healthy lifestyle.



Penopause is an annoying phenomenon but unfortunately a realistic problem that many men encounter. However, with the right knowledge and awareness, one can protect oneself from andropause. In this case, prevention is better than cure. However, if there is already a drop in testosterone and the onset of penopause, Mr. In addition to a healthy lifestyle, Stiff gives the man an extra energy and libido boost !

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