The effect of Tribulus terrestris

The effect of Tribulus terrestris


Welcome to the Mr. Stiff Blog about Tribulus terrestris In this blog we will explain what this plant is, where it comes from and highlight the different sides of this powerful plant. There are a few elements about this plant that will most likely interest you. Such as, the increasing effect of libido for both men and women. And in addition, this plant is good for overall sexual health, sports performance and cleansing of the organs(liver and kidneys).

Today, there are many popular dietary supplements we use that have their origins in ancient medicine, especially Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Tribulus terrestris grows on much of the earth and so it was also used by many different ancient cultures.

What is Tribulus terrestris good for?

The fruits and root of this plant are used to make a powder that you can add to your daily diet. As previously mentioned, this has been widely used in traditional Chinese medicine to not only increase libido but also to support and improve physical performance. Below I will now explain the benefits of Tribulus terrestris:

1: Men's sexual health

This plant is an aphrodisiac and is on many lists at the top of herbal Viagra. In multiple studies on this powerful plant, Tribulus has been shown to stimulate the luteinizing hormone( It affects the leydig cells in the testes. These cells are stimulated to form the hormone testosterone), which would increase the hormone testosterone. When the testosterone level is increased in a man it stimulates the sex drive, libido and also the quality of the sperm of that man. 


2: Tribulus terrestris also for sexual health for Woman

This plant also has a positive effect on women and this manifests then that in women that it stimulates sensitivity in the intimate zones and increases sexual performance.

So not only does it also work positively on sexual health, but it can also mitigate the symptoms of menopause and think about the emotional cycles, the hot flashes and the decrease in sex drive. So for women who suffer from these natural ailments may want to think about using this herb. What also works well are Mr. Stiff's 100% natural products for both men and women.


3: The positive effects on athletic performance of Tribulus terrestris 


This herb contains high quality nutrients such as, protodioscin. This nutrient has a stimulating effect on blood circulation, bringing oxygenated blood to the muscles and making the use of proteins more efficient. In addition, protodioscin activates the pituitary gland (a gland in the middle of the head, under the brain, which secretes many hormones), causing this part of the brain to produce the well-known LH Hormone, which in turn increases testosterone levels.

So Tribulus terrestris not only increases testosterone, but also sports conditions go up during exercise.

4: The Positive Effect on Organs:

In Asia, the fruit of this plant is eaten to cleanse the liver and kidneys, with claims also being made that it would remedy tinnitus. It was also used when people would have digestive problems.

The extract which is made from the fruits and leaves of the Tribulus plant is said to have diuretic action(Diuretics work diuretic. They are also called "diuretics. They cause more fluid to be released through the kidneys). So this also ensures that waste products are removed from the body faster.

5:What does science say about Tribulus terrestris

According to several studies, Tribulus terrestris is a reliable and powerful libido booster in rats. One study showed increased sex drive and a positive effect on erection. This study also explained that they do not know exactly how this herb works, but there was clarity that this herb has a densifying effect on the androgen receptor in the brain. which can increase sex drive in men and women. There is also a compound in it called tribulosin and this compound is said to have a positive effect on the heart. By the way, this has not yet been tested on live animals, but there are positive sounds around this compound. 

In another study on animals, they see especially the cleansing effects of this herb on the kidneys, liver and stress. it would repair oxidative damage again. 

So if it does not have a positive effect on libido, it would always have another healthy effect on the body.So I would say, if you are looking for a natural remedy to increase libido then Tribulus terrestris may be an option for you. However, it is important to consult your doctor first if you have any allergens. 


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